About Sharron

portrait-299714_1920I’m Sharron and I am an awesome mum of two wonderful kids.  I was once asked during a speaking engagement to introduce myself.  At first, I had a hard time organizing what I would say but I ended introducing as…

As a mother, I am the best mom in the world, at least for my two kids and husband.  I am a hands-on mom, as much as possible.  Since they are still very young, I see to it that I prepare their food, allot a one-on-one time with each of them every single day, and schedule a weekend activity for the family.  I think being a mom is the most challenging job in the world.  As they say, you are definitely on call 24/7.  You have no right to be tired because for them, you are a super mom.  It’s tiring of course, but I like it.

As an interior designer, I am very creative as a child so it was not really a surprise that I took interior designing as a profession.   I love it a lot.  For me it is my second nature.  It is not work at all.  They say that it is so seldom to land a profession you really love and I totally agree.  I consider myself lucky that I was able to discover what I love the most at an early stage.

With these loves in my life, family and profession, I actually have a not-so-fabulous life.  However, I love every moment of it.

I am from Southampton, England and have lived here since I got married back in 2005.  I have practiced interior designing the moment I got off from college.

I would like to invite you to get snippets of my life as a mom as well as share with you amazing things you can do to your home or office with a little interior designing.