3 Great Activities For Children When You are in Southampton

I lived in Southampton since I had my kids and I love it here.  It is a great mixture of old and the new but most of all it is a great place to raise kids.  There is an assortment of places you can take your kids during weekends and holidays.  If you are not from Southampton, it is also a nice getaway.  There are a lot of things that you can do and if you have kids, they will surely love it here.

Here are some of the things you can do in Southampton.

  1. Visit Sea City Museum

titanic Sea City Museum is an interesting place to see.  It tells a lot about Southampton and its people.  Usually kids are amazed of the idea about the sea and this museum has full of that.  Imagine how they would react to a fascinating interactive replica of the Titanic!  They will get to see how the life of the Titanic crew unfolds in a day.  The replica is very detailed and has all the facts taken into consideration.  But this is nothing to worry because I assure you, it is not upsetting.

The entry to the World exhibit known as the Gateway showcases historical works of art to give account of the tales of the people who came and left from Southampton port for the last two centuries.  The artifacts show the earliest settlers to the people who are now living today.

  1. Solent Sky Museum


 From the sea experience at the Sea City Museum, bring your kids to the Solent Sky Museum.  I am pretty sure your kids will love this too.  My little ones did.   Here, they will fall in love with the aviation history of Hampshire, Southampton as well as Solent.  All of these spectacular things and more, you can be certain that your kids will have a grand time.

  1. The Outdoor Sports Centre


Outdoor activities are almost always appreciated by kids.  The Outdoor Sports Centre is the place to be.  It offers endless fun and excitement.  Your kids can play cricket, hockey and football since they have a multi-purpose playing field for these games.  If you want to introduce your kid to playing tennis or rugby, you can do that at the centre too.  They also have BMX track and even an out of this world golf course!  Their outdoor activities are diverse that surely kids will be delighted.

It’s a place where you can spend the whole day doing interesting things.  You will not see your child get bored even for a second.

Bonding time with children is very important.  You get to connect with them more and most of all create great childhood memories.  Getting them out of the house and bringing them to these kinds of places is educational.  It also builds personality.  They will learn to how to behave and they will also ultimately develop their social skills and confidence.

Spend quality time with your kids.  Take them out on a weekend.  It would be refreshing, I tell you.


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